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Google August 2023 Update

Google recently rolled out its August core update, which began on August 22nd and was completed on September 7th, 2023. These core updates are a regular part of Google’s efforts to enhance the relevance of search results for user.

Key Highlights of the Google August 2023 Update:

  • Enhancing Search Relevance: The primary goal of this core update is to improve the relevancy of search results. Users may notice fluctuations in their website’s performance, but this is not necessarily a sign of a problem; it reflects changes in content relevance.
  • No Specific Targeting: Google has clarified that this core update does not target specific pages or websites. Instead, it focuses on how the search engine assesses the content on websites.

In simpler terms think of it as updating a list of books. If you created a list of 100 books in 2021, in 2023, you would refresh that list. Some new, relevant books may move to the top, while others that are no longer as relevant may shift down or be removed. This doesn’t mean the older books are bad; they simply reflect what’s currently more relevant to readers.

  • Stay Informed: If you see changes in your website’s performance following the update, don’t panic. It’s not necessarily an indication of something wrong with your site. Focus on providing the best and most up-to-date content to your audience.
  • Conduct a Website Audit: Consider performing a website audit to identify which pages have been significantly impacted by the update. Once identified, work on improving the content on these pages to align with user intent and current relevance.
  • Avoid Hasty Fixes: It’s essential to avoid rushing into quick fixes.

In summary, Google’s August core update aims to enhance search result relevance. If your website experiences changes, prioritise improving your content and providing value to your audience. Conducting a website audit can help identify specific areas for improvement. Remember that patience and a strategic approach are key to adapting to these updates effectively.

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