Beejay’s Home Kitchen


Beejay’s Home Kitchen is a Brisbane-based Indian restaurant that offers home-style cooking. It has a unique selling proposition, which differentiates it from other Indian restaurants. The food is made fresh on a daily basis with a dynamic menu that changes every day. The founders of Beejay’s want their vision to reach as many customers as possible using the internet. Our Gold Coast Web and Digital Marketing team worked along with Brisbane’s first indian tiffin service to launch and scale.

Project Scope

Founders want to build a customer-friendly restaurant, introducing new concept of home-style cooking. They want to use the power of social media, local search engine optimization (SEO) and other Internet marketing strategies to reach customers and scale their business.


Our team took on the challenge of launching the founders' dream restaurant and designing a scalable digital presence.

  • A mobile-friendly website is developed with the goal of promoting the business, highlighting its USP.
  • An ecommerce store has been set up to take customer orders, support the founders vision of scaling up and provide a platform for growth.
  • Driving traffic and growing social community using Facebook and Instagram

What We Achieved

  • +54.54% Average M/M Session Growth
  • +40.54% New Users
  • +18% Monthly Follower Growth

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